Teaching Experience

Drake University

Department of Information Management and Business Analytics, Zimpleman College of Business

  • MBA 256: Information Technology and Business
  • MBA 252/MPA 252: Information Technology and Electronic Commerce
  • BUS 200: Managing in a Digital World
  • IS 210/MDAL 210: Business Analytics, Teams, and Projects
  • IS 172/IS 198: Exploring the Silicon Prairie
  • IS 164: Project Management
  • IS 161: Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • IS 160: Database Management
  • IS 145: Website Technology

Appalachian State University

Department of Computer Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, Walker College of Business

  • CIS 4536: IT Innovation
  • CIS 3870: Web Development and E-Commerce
  • CIS 3750/CIS 5350: Database Management
  • CIS 3710/HON 3515: Emerging Technologies
  • CIS 3620/HON 3515: Global Information Technologies
  • CIS 3549: Global Technology and Small Business Development
  • CIS 2050/CIS 3050: Fundamentals of Information Systems
  • CIS 1026/CIS 2025: Personal Computing Effectiveness

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Department of Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis, College of Information Science and Technology

  • CIST 3420: Managing in a Digital World
  • CIST 3100: Organizations, Applications, and Technology

Class Photos

Student Comments

Drake MBA 256 Student

"Dr. Mitchell is truly one of the best professors I've ever had. I had almost no interest in this field yet this class is the class I enjoy the most and learn so much from. She puts so much effort into grading and discussions. She's fantastic!"

Drake IS 145 Student

"I enjoyed how many real-world applications there were in the class. It made it more enjoyable and easy to understand. I wish more IS classes were like this one. Definitely my favorite IS professor."

Drake IS 160 Student

"One of my favorite classes at Drake. Professor Mitchell always explained material well and kept the class very interesting. Would definitely recommend this class."

Drake IS 161 Student

"Professor Mitchell is really great, she's one of my favorite professors on campus."

Drake IS 172 Student

"I liked how it was a modern course. We were learning about technology in today's world and possible future. Very relatable to our life."

Drake IS 210 Student

"I participated in this class as the first step in a different direction than my current field of work. Participating as someone who does not already have background knowledge in business analytics, I did not feel I was on a different level from my peers. Topics were well explained, and resources were presented to help further knowledge if someone like me needed to."